Exercises and Foods for Penis Enhancement
Exercises and Foods for Penis Enhancement

A man’s reproductive system has four main parts — testicles, penis, prostate gland, and seminal vesicles. A spongy bone is present in the penis, and when that bone gets filled with enough blood, men experience an erection. Men with a small penis are often embarrassed about its size, though recently there is growing awareness about how natural this is. If one wishes to enhance the size of their penis, they can perform some exercises and consume certain foods.

Men need to perform these exercises at least five days in a week and continue them for at least six months to see the results. One will start seeing the changes after two to three weeks.

Exercises for penis enhancement

Warm up with a hot towel
This is one of the simple methods to warm up, and it is a useful exercise before getting started with any other exercises listed in this article. One needs to soak a towel in warm or hot water and wrap it around the testicles and penis. Keep it in place for some time and then dip the towel in hot water again to repeat the process. Do it at least thrice and not for more than 10 minutes. One may experience some discomfort in the start due to the warmth, but this feeling is natural and shall pass after some time.

The Jelqing method
This method is one of the most common and effective ways to enhance the penis’ size. Many people who follow this method have experienced positive results. However, men can only use this technique when the penis is semi-erect. Trying this with a full-fledged erection may get a little painful. One needs to start with the hot towel method, after which they need to hold their penis between their thumb and forefinger. Create an O-shape with the fingers before grasping the penis. This will block the blood flow to the penis. Now, move the fingers toward the tip of the penis. As one reaches the tip, they need to repeat the movement with their other hand. In the start, one can repeat this movement 100 times, and with time, increase the count to 500.

Exercise to increase the length of the penis
One needs to hold the penis in their hand and apply a little pressure. Then, they need to start pulling it out and try to stretch it as much as possible. One may feel some pressure when they try this penis enhancement method, and this is quite common. However, if the pressure turns to pain, one needs to stop immediately and then get started after some time. Hold one stretch for 15 seconds to 20 seconds. Repeat it for at least 5 to 10 times a day. After doing this, lightly massage the penis to ensure that the blood circulation gets back to normal.

One need not perform these exercises at a specific time in the day. Men can try them out before or after sex, or whenever they get enough time for it. However, one must ensure that they do it regularly for at least two to three months to see some changes. One can observe the complete results of these penis enhancement exercises after six months. Patience is the key in this case. While there are no side effects of these exercises, one needs to make sure that they are doing it in the right way. Do not apply more pressure on the penis than is tolerable.

Foods for penis enhancement
Along with the exercises mentioned above, it is also good to eat healthy foods that can help with penis enhancement. Here is the list of some food items that can help in increasing the penis’ size by improving the blood circulation in the body.

  • Onion: It is a common vegetable that is almost always available in the kitchen. Onions help in improving blood circulation from the heart to the penis.
  • Spinach: Men should add this green leafy vegetable to their diet. The penis’ girth and length will both increase with the help of this vegetable. It is the magnesium present in spinach that works wonders.
  • Bananas: This fruit can help with increasing the penis’ length. The benefits of eating a banana, such as a healthy heart and better blood circulation, guarantee a larger erection and an increase in the length of the penis.
  • Watermelons: Citrulline amino acid present in watermelons can help in increasing the size of the penis.

One can opt for any of the penis enhancement exercises mentioned above. However, it is vital to seek medical consultation before proceeding with any of these activities.

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