Best Products to Treat Male Incontinence Effectively
Best Products to Treat Male Incontinence Effectively

Even though a lot of men do not really like the idea of using various male incontinence products like catheters, urine collection bags, adult diapers etc., these products become handy when someone is suffering from the male incontinence condition. Living with incontinence can hamper normal daily lifestyle. It can be the cause of embarrassing accidents lowering down the affected person’s confidence level. Using these products can help to deal with such situations.

For treating male incontinence, various medications are available. However, it is always advisable to consult a medical expert before taking any medication. Here is a list of some of the best incontinence products for males that are currently trending in the market. These male incontinence products are not sufficient to treat the condition from the root. However, using them with proper medications will definitely help the affected persons to lead a better life and deal with it.

Some of the male incontinence products include:

Disposable pants and pads
These are probably the most convenient and easy-to-use incontinence products for men. You can find a wide variety of pads depending on the absorbance capacity. Starting from light leakage/soiling to medium and heavy – disposable pads, all are available to deal with every situation.

The disposable pants that are available today have been designed to look just like the normal underwear. The only difference is that in the crotch area, an absorbent pad is attached. The wide range of such disposable pants and pads include:

  • Disposable all-in-ones, which have been designed to protect heavy bladder leakage. Also, it is a unisex product and is most suitable for bowel and bladder incontinence.
  • Disposable liners are mostly suitable for light to moderate leakage of the bladder.
  • Disposable T-shaped pads
  • Disposable leaf/pouch

Penile sheaths
This is one of the most suited male incontinence products and is also known as an external catheter or condom catheter. For a majority of the men affected with incontinence, it is the most suited product. It is a latex or silicon device, which goes over the penis instead of going into the urethra. It is connected to a drainage bag into which the urine is being sent through the tube that connects the bag and the device.

Penile sheaths are rolled on just like the condoms. In order to prevent the leaks effectively, it is crucial to get the right size and right fit of sheaths. It is better to change this penile sheath every 24 hours to avoid skin irritation and system failure.

Penile compression devices (Penile clamps)
It is a small device that exerts a little pressure over the penis and thus it helps in stopping the urine from leaking out. The part which fits around the affected person’s penis is made of soft foam. Hence, wearing it will not be much uncomfortable. Even though this is one of the best male incontinence products, penile clamps are not suitable for everyone. It is better to talk to a doctor before you use it.

Drainage bags
Other common incontinence products are drainage bags. These are plastic bags, which can be attached to the catheter. The drainage bags that are comparatively larger are known as ‘bedside bags’. While you can wear the smaller bags on the body, either attached to the leg with the help of straps or to the abdomen, the larger bags have to be hung near the bed.

Washable pants and pads
These types of male incontinence products are cost-effective. Some of the people affected by the incontinence condition prefer to use terry towels mostly during the night for their capacity of absorbing a large volume of leakage. Also, not much skin irritation is involved. Usually, the products that have been designed for moderate or heavy leakage are not discreet and very bulky as well.

  • Washable liners are perfect for those who have a control over the situation but still want a reassurance of the pad.
  • Washable pants that look like normal underwear. The only difference is that in the crotch area, an absorbent pad is attached.
  • Washable leafs
  • Washable all-in-ones are the products made of the terry toweling combined with the plastic pant so that no liquid seeps through. This type of product is great for managing heavy bladder leakage.

Urinals and toilet substitutes
When you are suffering from an incontinence condition, it may happen that you are feeling an urge to urinate and no washroom is nearby or when it is impossible to go to the bathroom fast enough. In this type of situation, these urinals and toilet substitutes are of a great help. You can keep one substitute by your bed and another one in the car.

Well, using these male incontinence products does not mean you will get stuck with using them. A lot of affected people use these temporarily. However, it is always better to consult a doctor before using any incontinence product.

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