Top Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment Options
Top Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment Options

Hemorrhoids are quite a problem, and home remedies are a preference when it comes to natural hemorrhoid treatment. There are a large number of ways to treat hemorrhoids naturally. So much so that one would have difficulty knowing which one to apply. Hence, it is very important to have a thorough knowledge of the process.

Now, one good thing about hemorrhoids is that they aren’t all that painful; however, they can bleed incessantly. Hence, if the problem has gone way beyond measure, it is ideal to connect with a high-quality colorectal surgeon. In fact, if your hemorrhoids are painful, then it means that the situation is out of hand and you need to do something real soon.

In technical terms, these have reached the canal of your bowel passage owing to irregular bowel movement, which has also caused the bowels to larger. On top of all of this, if you have a blood clot, the consequences are much more severe. Now, there are countless clinical and home-based remedies to rid yourself of such issues. The most basic thing that you are supposed to do is to shrink them. Now, if you don’t do it correctly, then the process can be dangerous and can worsen your situation. Hence, ensure that you know what you’re doing before you try a natural hemorrhoid treatment.

If you are bleeding, it is best to not try any natural hemorrhoid treatment on your own and consult a doctor. It is ideal if you are facing hemorrhoids for the first time. After all, proper diagnosis is the basis of any treatment. Hence, do as the doctor says. For all you know, it might turn out to be something else altogether, rendering your home-based remedy null and void. However, some homemade treatments work and even the doctors recommend those. Here are some such examples that are helpful and worth trying:

Sitz Bath
This is something very simple and easy to do. You have to bathe yourself with warm water at regular intervals for around 15 minutes. Ensure that you do this after every bowel movement as well as 10-15 times a day. This is one of the treatments that have also been advised by the doctor. These baths can be easily brought from a medical shop as they’re available over the counter. Also, you can attach the bath to your toilet and it will smoothen your area and make your life a little easier!

Flowering Plants
Witch Hazel is a flowering plant that can be used to get rid of irritants such as hemorrhoids. They help in getting rid of intensive itching or bleeding. They also help in reducing pain to quite an extent. While researchers aren’t completely in favor of this flower, there are enough ingredients in it that will reduce swelling considerably and also slow down the bleeding. Since it can naturally soften and tighten your swollen skin, it is known to be one of the leading natural remedies for hemorrhoid. In fact, a lot of doctors are in favor of it and advice to naturally use it on hemorrhoid.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar can be one of the best ways to relieve yourself of the pain, irritation, and itching. However, one needs to know how much of apple cider vinegar would work as a remedy and how much of it would burn your skin. Hence, if you’re not sure of the quantity, you should either consult a doctor or work with someone who has used this remedy before. Otherwise, you might end up doubling your problems. Other home remedies such as husk or supplements combined with apple cider vinegar can completely cure your hemorrhoids; however, you need to know how to do it right.

Psyllium Husk
Psyllium husk is one of the most helpful supplements as it increases your capacity to consume fiber. It also softens your feces and, hence, bowel movement becomes a little easier. However, once again, quantity is of grave importance or else you might end up getting diarrhea or stomach cramps. It is again ideal to consult someone in the know if you don’t know what to do. If you’ve purchased it off the market, then it is a good idea to follow the instruction pamphlet. If used properly, the proper and regular bowel movement can mean a world of difference to your hemorrhoids. While it isn’t a 100% guarantee to cure the disease, it can definitely ease things up for you. While you are using psyllium husk, ensure that you’re drinking ample amount of water.

Aloe Vera
Every single skin problem can be cured with the help of Aloe vera; hence, it is ideal to use aloe vera as it will cool your hemorrhoid to quite an extent and relax your skin immensely. Aloe vera works wonders with stress points.

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