Popular Creams for Shingles Pain Relief
Popular Creams for Shingles Pain Relief

Shingles is a troublesome infection that is caused by the same virus—varicella zoster (VZV) virus—that is responsible for causing chickenpox. It appears as a painful rash and persists for at least 2 weeks. While it goes away in a maximum of 4 weeks, it causes immense pain, itching, burning, and all-around discomfort. The symptoms can be tough to handle, but there are a number of ways one can make themselves feel more comfortable during its outbreak. There are a number of home remedies available for treating shingles pain. When one is affected by shingles, after a consultation with the doctor, they can look for the best cream for shingles pain. Ointments for treating shingles pain are readily available in the market and provide great relief. Some of the popular creams for treating shingles pain have been listed as follows.

Calamine lotion
Calamine lotion is a topical anti-itch lotion. It has astringent and skin protecting properties which can help one get relief from the itching sensation caused due to shingles. They also slow down the growth of bacteria and prevent the infection from getting even worse. Calamine lotion soothes the skin and can be considered as one of the best creams for shingles pain.

Lidocaine is a numbing medicine that is used to control and alleviate pain. It comes in a variety of different forms which include the likes of sprays, powders, patches, and lotions. It is generally used in the lotion form and is quite effective. One can apply this lotion moderately on affected areas to get relief from the pain caused by shingles.

Capsaicin cream
Capsaicin is mainly found in chili peppers. It is the ingredient which makes the mouth burn when one has too many chili peppers. Capsaicin creams help relieve one of the pain experienced due to shingles. When one applies capsaicin cream on their skin, it helps block pain messages to the nerves. However, one should be careful so as to not to get the cream in contact with the eyes or other sensitive areas as it will burn immensely.

Topical benzydamine
Topical benzydamine-based lotions are quite effective in treating shingles pain. It is available as an over-the-counter cream and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is recommended to cease the use of this cream if the itching sensation increases. While it rarely has any side effects when it comes to aiding in shingles pain, it may lead to wheezing and difficulty in breathing. Nevertheless, it is among the best creams for shingles pain and is worth trying out today.

Topical diclofenac
Like topical benzydamine, topical diclofenac is a good cream to use to treat shingles pain. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is used to ease pain and swelling. One should stop using the cream immediately if it leads to a burning sensation or further rashes. Apply the cream once daily for best effects. Apply a thin layer over the rashes and watch the cream work its wonders. It is definitely one of the solutions if one is looking for the best cream for shingles pain.

Aluminum acetate solution
Though this solution is not an ointment or cream, it is a recommended treatment option that one can try out. It is a salt that is usually used as a topical astringent to treat skin-related infections. When it comes to shingles, it can be used to dry out the infected area. It is usually available in a powdered form and must be mixed with water to form a solution. One can apply it to the affected area. One should ensure to use this solution moderately. However, if the itching sensation or infection increases, one should immediately stop the use of this solution.

With some of the best creams and ointments for shingles pain relief, one can get effective relief in no time. Remember that the body will work hard to fight the virus and the least one can do is practice healthy habits. One can try to eat nutritious foods and include fresh fruits in their diet. One should ensure to not skip any meals. Sleep well and get as much rest as one can get. A good night’s sleep can relax the mind. One can also do light and gentle exercises to get their mind off the pain, for example, one can walk around and stretch their body. Do not overexert the body though. One should consult a doctor in the case of shingles as the doctor will recommend the best cream for shingles pain relief considering one’s medical history. The creams prescribed should only be used as per the doctor’s advise.

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