Top New Balance Shoes for People with Plantar Fasciitis
Top New Balance Shoes for People with Plantar Fasciitis

New Balance shoes are perfect for people with plantar fasciitis whose lifestyle has been compromised due to this problem. The primary objective of these shoes is to aid in the development of your foot strength.

Yardsticks for choosing New Balance shoes for plantar fasciitis

  • Support level
    This level ranges from 10 to 1, with 10 representing shoes for severe pain and 1 for minimum pain.
  • Support type or pronation
    Heel support depends on the pronation of your feet.

New Balance running shoes for men with plantar fasciitis

New Balance 1260V5
With excellent support for overpronation as well as incredible shock absorption, the New Balance 1260V5 is created for people with a flat foot. This pair of New Balance shoes is a great choice for people with plantar fasciitis as it provides excellent stability. Due to the width of the toe box, there is a lot of room for your toes, and this also relieves your heels of any pressure. It also ensures that when the training and strengthening process of your feet starts, you can avoid future problems related to plantar fasciitis. The sole’s design, as well as the cushioning provided, ensures that the heel does not bear the brunt of the shock, thus enabling you to walk with the least amount of pain.

New Balance running shoes for women with plantar fasciitis

New Balance W1540
With impressive support and more than adequate cushioning, the New Balance W1540 is the best choice for women with plantar fasciitis. These shoes are for the time when you are experiencing unbearable heel pain, and you need something that lets you walk but does not make your foot feel the pressure of your steps. The design of the shoe ensures maximum arch support, and at the same time, the cushioning and the collar makes sure that your foot stays comfortably in the right position. New Balance’s Rollbar® technology ensures that you stride in the right way. It also redistributes the shock with its sole cushioning, and the 10 mm heel drop makes sure that its impact does not harm your heel.

New Balance WW928
With excellent support as well as stability, the New Balance WW928 is another great choice for someone who has plantar fasciitis. To ensure that the foot and ankle are in the right position, it provides adequate padding both at the collar of the shoe as well as the tongue. The sole has cushioning for shock absorption which protects your feet from the impact that accompanies your step. It corrects your stride through the use of its Rollbar® technology and thus ensures that the pain does not worsen while walking. This New Balance shoe is perfect when you’re facing unbearable pain due to plantar fasciitis.

New Balance WX608V4
This shoe provides excellent shock absorption and maximum stability. This multipurpose shoe is suited for walking and running. It cushions any impact of movement, and the width ensures there is no problem with using your orthotics. The stiff yet flexible rubber sole ensures arch support and natural movement of your feet. Being lighter in weight compared to its counterparts, it makes sure that the user feels no discomfort even with prolonged use.

Best New Balance walking shoes for men with plantar fasciitis

New Balance M1540
This shoe provides remarkable heel and arch support. It addresses the dual problems of overpronation and flat feet perfectly. It preserves the proper shape of your feet with its stiff sole. The Rollbar® technology helps in correcting your walk, ensuring that there is no overpronation. The heel and ankle positions are maintained with adequate cushioning at the collar as well as the tongue. Due to the 10mm heel drop, the user’s heels get sufficient protection. The comfort from unbearable heel pain compensates for the weight of the shoe.

New Balance MW928
This shoe offers excellent support and is lightweight. Your foot is stabilized with the Rollbar® technology thereby correcting your walking movements. The ankle and foot are well-positioned due to the collar cushioning. The midfoot and heel portions are well-supported, and the shoe ensures even shock distribution with each step. Given its light weight, you can continue using it even when you no longer suffer from plantar fasciitis.

New Balance MX608V4
With impressive support and stability, this shoe has a wide design. It is beneficial for those who require more foot motion. You can comfortably use toe spreaders and orthotics. When pain levels are extreme, you can use orthotics. When using the shoe for training and strengthening your foot, you can remove the orthotics. Adequate cushioning of the sole as well as the heel ensure adequate shock absorption. When the pain is not severe or completely gone, this shoe is a great choice.

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