5 Ways to Cure Nail Fungus
5 Ways to Cure Nail Fungus

Have you been searching for the best cure for toenail fungus? Toenail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is a common fungal infection that affects your toenail. Usually, the most noticeable symptom is a brown, yellow or white discoloration on any of your toenails. If you do not find a cure for the nail fungus, the condition can spread and cause your nails to thicken or crack. Whether it is sandal season or not, you don’t want to see toenail fungus every time you look at your feet. Fortunately, you can cure nail fungus if you know the right treatments. Here are the top five nail fungus cures recommended by experts:

ZetaClear tops our list of the top five nail fungus cures. ZetaClear is a product from Health Buy which is an effective over-the-counter treatment option for nail fungus. This product treats toenail fungus effectively and ensures customer satisfaction. The company uses carefully selected natural ingredients to produce a paste that guarantees to cure toenail fungus in 90 days. ZetaClear comes with a solution as well as a homeopathic blend which is sprayed under the tongue to stimulate your body’s immune system, thus helping you fight the infection naturally. You can pick this product from e-commerce websites like Amazon, as well as from a local pharmacy near you. If your fungal infection has just started, you can be sure that you will get relief from this problem in twelve weeks at the most.

Laser treatment
Laser treatment involves directly focusing a laser beam on the infected area of your toenail. This laser light passes directly through the nail and penetrates the nail bed to destroy the fungus that causes the infection. It works by killing the fungus without damaging your skin or nail. The treatment procedure lasts only for half an hour, and one can observe the results after approximately a month. The only disadvantage of this method is that it is expensive, and many insurance companies do not cover the cost of treatment.

Still wondering how to cure nail fungus? Try FUNGINIX. It is one of the most effective cures for toenail fungus. When applied on an affected nail, it penetrates and destroys the fungus under your nail. This product is efficient and affordable. Most customers of FUNGINIX vouch for its effectiveness. It works wonders by boosting the body’s natural anti-infection and anti-inflammatory capabilities. Thus, it allows your body to get the strength it needs to fight the fungus by itself. One can observe the difference in just four weeks, and the infection is completely cured in about twelve weeks.

Lamisil oral granules
This medicine is one of the top five cures for nail fungus. Once you use this treatment, you should be able to see results within 4-6 weeks. The nail discoloration will fade but won’t go away entirely until your nail grows afresh. So, you may have to wait for at least six months to start seeing the results as this is the duration it takes for an average person’s nail to grow out completely. However, the symptoms of the infection will clear in four months, thus curing a patient of all the uneasiness, discomfort, and pain caused by the toenail fungus.

Tea tree oil and Epsom salt foot soak
Itchy, inflamed skin becomes a nightmare when the fungus spreads to the surrounding skin. What if you knew of a product that can help to kill the infection while soothing the skin? Tea tree oil and Epsom foot soak can help you with this. Tea tree oil is an essential oil that has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. All you need to do is to apply tea tree oil on the infected nail twice a day using a cotton swab. The Epsom foot soak will also help as it can get rid of the dead skin while soothing the inflamed skin. It also fights fungal, microbial, and bacterial infection on your skin. When formulated with tea tree oil, the footbath will help to stop the fungus from spreading and destroying your nail and skin.

These top five cures for nail fungus should help you to get rid of the problem, provided that you adhere to the stated guidelines. However, if you have diabetes or a weak immune system, you shouldn’t opt for any home remedies to cure toenail fungus. Visit your doctor to get the appropriate treatment since a severe case of toenail fungus can cause irreversible toenail damage.

Additionally, if you don’t see any results even after following the treatment options mentioned above, you should consult a medical professional as soon as possible. They can guide you about the right cure.

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