Things to Know about Swollen Finger Pain
Things to Know about Swollen Finger Pain

Everyone experiences pain and swelling in their fingers at some point in time. There are several reasons for this pain and swelling, such as injuries and medical conditions that are known to cause pain in the fingers. Swollen finger pain is generally accompanied by redness, a burning sensation, tenderness, stiffness, numbness, a tingling feeling, swelling, color change, and such other conditions. Arthritis is one of the major causes of swollen finger pain. It can also be caused due to an infection or inflammation.

Causes of swollen finger pain:

  • Swollen finger pain may be caused as a result of injuries due to strenuous physical activity, actively participating in contact sports such as soccer, football, or baseball.
  • Performing recreational activities that require a lot of efforts, such as skiing or playing tennis.
  • Operating heavy machinery at home or work.
  • Carrying heavy loads for a long period of time.
  • Active participation in fist fights or punching.
  • Performance of repetitive movements such as typing, writing, and stitching for a long period of time.
  • As a result of the compartment syndrome, which leads to severe swelling of the fingers; it covers the muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. Patients who are suffering from the compartment syndrome should be attended to immediately and under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Arthritis also causes inflammation accompanied by swelling, pain, redness, and stiffness.
  • Trigger finger happens when you are unable to straighten out your finger as the tendon in your finger has become swollen or inflamed.
  • Dupuytren’s Contracture is a condition where your hand becomes tighter and does not enable free movement as the tissue becomes inflamed.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome causes swollen finger pain as pressure is exerted on the nerves of the fingers, causing severe pain, swelling, and numbness.
  • The Raynaud phenomenon causes swollen finger pain as the blood flow to the fingers is blocked, and the patient suffers from swelling, numbness, stiffness, and cold fingers.
  • Swollen finger pain is also caused as a result of infections and tumors.
    You can take up home remedies to alleviate swollen finger pain. Some home care measures for swollen finger pain are as mentioned:

In case you experience pain in your fingers accompanied by swelling, it is necessary that you take sufficient care at home and relieve your finger of the pain and swelling. For this, one will need to avoid any sort of activities that are capable of causing pain and swelling in your fingers.

Get rid of tight rings that cause swelling on your fingers.
Massage and give rest to the joints of your fingers so that the swelling and the pain can reduce and can heal.

Apply ice and balm on the finger and massage it gently.
Get over-the-counter pain relievers that are capable of lessening the pain and swelling. Pain relievers such as Ibuprofen, Naprosyn, and other such medicines are easily available and can save you a lot of discomfort and pain.
You can also tape the swollen finger to the finger next to it. This will keep your finger steady and protect it while it heals. However, ensure that you don’t tape your injured finger too tightly as this can reduce or prevent blood circulation to the finger altogether.

When is it necessary to consult a doctor or a medical professional?
The following conditions make it necessary for you to consult your doctor or a medical professional immediately:

  • When you experience severe pain and swelling in your finger, which is a result of an injury.
  • When your finger becomes deformed as a result of the swelling and pain.
  • If you find that both the swelling and the pain are persistent for more than a week even after you have taken care and administered home treatment to the injured finger.If you experience numbness accompanied by swelling, pain, and  tingling feeling in your fingers and the surrounding areas.
  • You experience severe pain in the fingers.
  • You are unable to keep your fingers straight.
  • The area surrounding your fingers turns red due to severe swelling, accompanied by fever.

What can you expect once you have visited a medical professional?
Once you have visited a medical professional for the severe swollen finger pain, you can expect the following:

  • You will have to undergo a physical examination, and the medical professional will examine your finger and hand movements and whether you experience any pain, along with where the pain is originating from.
  • The medical professional will put forth questions regarding your medical history, the symptoms that you suffer from, or whether anyone in your family is suffering from similar conditions.
  • You will be required to take an X-ray of your hand in order to determine the exact cause and origin of the swollen finger pain.
  • Treatment is administered to you based on the origin and the cause of the swollen finger pain.

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