Home Remedies for Watery Eyes from Allergies
Home Remedies for Watery Eyes from Allergies

Watery eyes are also known as epiphora. Epiphora is a common condition but it is often commonly misunderstood. Basically, epiphora means overflowing of tears without any particular reason. Normally, tears drain through the nasolacrimal system, but if there is an insufficient tear film drainage through the eyes, the tears overflow on the face. This condition can affect individuals of any age, but it is more commonly seen in children under the age of two years or adults above the age of 60.

Watery eyes can be treated effectively as long as you consult a doctor about the condition.

Causes of water eyes
Many conditions and factors cause watery eyes. In children, watery eyes are often the result of a tear duct blockage. Here, instead of draining away, the tears tend to build up in the tear sac and overflow. For older adults, aging is one of the main causes of watery eyes because the skin of the eyelids sags away from the eyeballs.

Watery eyes may also be induced by certain medicines, such as chemotherapy, epinephrine, and eye drops.

Other common causes for epiphora include allergies, eyelid inflammation, blocked tear ducts, common colds, corneal abrasion, corneal ulcer, dry eyes, and more.

The causes of watery eyes can vary in the range of their severity. This is why, it is important to have watery eye symptoms checked to help find out the underlying cause for the same and receive a proper treatment.

Home remedies for watery eyes
Some home remedies to deal with the watery eyes that may be caused by allergies are:

Cold milk
The most important and the effective home remedy for watery eyes is using cold milk. In order to treat the watery eyes naturally at home, you are required to get a knit cloth dipped in cold milk and place it right on your affected eye. This is a good home remedy that will help you to deal with your watery eyes from allergies.

Warm milk and honey
Another effective home remedy is warm milk and honey. According to a study, honey contains antibacterial properties and milk has soothing effects. Therefore, washing eyes with the use of warm milk and honey can help you when you are suffering from watery eyes. Another method is to mix honey and warm milk in equal proportions and use it as an eye drop a few times a day.

Castor oil
Another relaxing home remedy is using castor oil. According to research, regarding the benefits of castor oil, it helps to reduce the dryness of the eyes by increasing the production of lipid in the eyes and limiting the evaporation of tears. Beside this, castor oil helps in removing the redness and swelling of the eyes and also watery eyes. So, skipping this home remedy might not be a good decision if you want to get rid of the watery eyes being at home itself. All you have to do is get a dropper and wash it thoroughly to get rid of any type of foreign material. Pour 100% castor oil into the dropper. Use a drop of castor oil into your eyes before sleeping.

Rosewater is one of the most effective treatments for watery eyes. In order to treat watery eyes, you are just required to mix some amount of rosewater with some amount of diluted honey so as to get a fine paste. Then use cotton pads to apply the paste on your watery eyes in order to get the desired results. For rosewater, it is extremely important that you mix it in a perfect manner because the perfect blend will work faster and help you to treat the problem in an effective way.

When it comes to the home remedies, you should not skip out turmeric. If you are using turmeric for treating watery eyes, you are required to add 6 grams of turmeric powder to half liter of water and then bring it to boil. Then keep the mixture to cool down. Soak a clean and soft washcloth in this mixture and put this on your forehead covering your watery eyes. Alternatively, you can even wash your eyes with this right mixture to get better results.

Using slices of cucumber is one of the easiest methods to cure watery eyes. Place some cool cucumber slices over your eyes to reduce the issue. Using cool cucumber slices cures many other problems related to eyes. In order to get the better results, you should keep the slices for at least 5 minutes.

Coriander seeds
Using the coriander for eye care is extremely effective. To use the seeds, take two tablespoons of ground coriander and mix it in about 250 ml of water and bring it to boil. Let the mixture cool down for at least 20 minutes. Rinse off your eyes with this very solution so as to get the best results and to be free from the issues of watery eyes. Using coriander seeds is one of the most effective treatment for watery eyes from allergies.

All the above listed home remedies are pretty much easy and will help you to get relief from watery eyes from allergies. Follow the steps properly keeping in mind the recommended amount needed and get the results within limited time. Before using any home remedy, consult a doctor. Also, if your eyes cause severe troubles furthermore, then do not delay consulting a doctor for the same.

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