Foods to Avoid When You Have Diabetes
Foods to Avoid When You Have Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic medical condition which can lead to very serious consequences if not kept under control. Unchecked diabetes may result in cardiovascular problems, blindness, kidney diseases, and various other complications. Aside from medication, there are certain lifestyle and dietary changes which can help an individual manage diabetes. Eating a well-balanced diet helps patients diagnosed with this condition maintain their health more easily. Given below are foods that you should avoid when you have diabetes.

  • Sugary drinks
    Sugary drinks should be completely avoided when you have diabetes. Not only are these very high in carbohydrate content, but they are also rich in fructose, which causes insulin resistance. Studies show that when you drink sweetened beverages, risks of a diabetes-associated condition such as fatty liver become very high. High fructose content triggers metabolic changes and leads to belly fat, high triglyceride, and blood cholesterol levels.
  • Trans fats
    Trans fats are very unhealthy and are found in peanut butter, margarine, creamers, spreads, and frozen meals. Food manufacturers often add this to muffins, crackers, and baked products so that they last longer. Trans fats do not spike blood sugar levels directly, but they can cause inflammation, belly fat, and insulin resistance. They also lower good cholesterol levels and impair the function of arteries.
  • White bread, rice, and pasta
    None of these foods are good for people affected by diabetes because they are processed and high in carbohydrates. It is advisable to stay away from bagels, white bread, and other foods made of refined flour. These raise blood sugar levels in those with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
  • Flavored yogurt
    You must avoid fruit-flavored yogurts as these contain a lot of sugar. Instead, you can consume whole-milk yogurt which is a healthier alternative and beneficial for gut health and weight control.
  • Fried foods
    Deep-fried foods like french fries and packaged foods must not be part of your diet, as these can produce toxic compounds like aldehydes, which heighten risks of diseases.
  • Sweetened cereals
    Sweetened cereals should not be a part of your breakfast as these processed foods contain a huge amount of carbohydrates. Also, their protein content is significantly low and without enough proteins, you are not likely to feel satisfied. So, your blood glucose levels will fluctuate.
  • Coffee
    Flavored coffee drinks are not encouraged for people with diabetes. Moreover, it can be difficult to remember to cut down on your calorie intake in the later meals every time you drink the calorie-laden coffee.
  • Honey
    Honey, maple syrup, and agave are as unhealthy as table sugar for those with diabetes. Naturally-occurring sugars like maple syrup and honey can trigger blood sugar spikes.
  • Dry fruits
    Dry fruits are excellent sources for minerals and vitamins. But, the process of drying takes the water content out of them, meaning the nutrients in them get concentrated. Hence their sugar content increases. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you need not give up on fruits. But, it is advisable to stick to low-sugar fruits such as fresh berries and apples.
  • Packaged snacks
    Packaged snacks like pretzels and crackers are the worst snacking choices for diabetics. Prepared using refined flour, these are not nutritious and make one pile on the pounds. Also, they have fast-digesting carbs, which spike sugar levels in the blood. Eating nuts or low-carbohydrate vegetables is a healthier alternative.

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