Prevent Constipation by Avoiding These Foods
Prevent Constipation by Avoiding These Foods

Constipation is essentially a digestion-related problem. The food you consume can affect the digestive system. Constipation leads to difficulty in having bowel movements, bloating, irritability, and a host of other problems. Those who have constipation should ensure to avoid consuming the food listed below. These foods can worsen digestive problems and make it difficult to pass stool and cause other problems.

Processed foods
Processed foods are one of the items to avoid if you have constipation. Processed meat found in bacon, hot dogs, and sausages can increase constipation. Processed foods made from white flour, like cakes, cookies, doughnuts, pizza, and sandwiches made from white bread, should be avoided.

Even processed grains can cause constipation in some people. White rice, pasta, and white bread can cause constipation as it does not have bran needed for a smooth bowel movement.

Fried foods like French fries, potato chips, hamburgers, and fried chicken are also a problem for people suffering from constipation.

Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, rye, barley, and other such grains. Food having gluten can cause constipation in some people, while others are allergic to gluten. Consuming foods with gluten can aggravate constipation symptoms.

Dairy products
Milk and products made from milk can cause constipation in many people. Children are especially at risk of constipation when they consume cow’s milk.

Red meat
Red meat can be a problem for many people. It does not have much fiber and is high in fat. It makes digestion difficult and takes more time to get absorbed. Red meats can affect bowel movement and cause difficulty in emptying bowels.

Most people suffer from constipation when they indulge in too much alcohol. Alcohol can dehydrate the body and slow down digestion, thus contributing to constipation. Alcohol must be completely avoided or its consumption should be strictly limited.

Excess fiber
Fiber is very good for those suffering from constipation. However, some people consume too much fiber through food and supplements. They do this in the hopes of getting a solution for their constipation problems.

Again, too much fiber can also be a problem. It can further aggravate constipation in some people. Men need to eat 30 to 38 grams of fiber a day, while women need about 21 to 25 grams. Eating more fiber than this must be avoided.

Unripe bananas
An age-old remedy to ensure quick stool movement is to eat bananas. However, this is not true if the bananas are raw. Unripe bananas can increase constipation. These have more starch, which interferes with digestion and can affect bowel movement.

They also contain tannin, which prevents stool from passing smoothly through the digestive tract.

While some people prefer a cup of coffee in the morning to help pass stools easily, it has the opposite effect on others. It can worsen constipation for those who already have this problem.

Those suffering from constipation should ensure they don’t consume the foods listed here. Not all the food items listed here cause constipation. It varies from person to person. Any food from this list that causes constipation in you should be reduced or completely avoided from your diet.

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