Treating Breast Cancer Using Home Remedies
Treating Breast Cancer Using Home Remedies

Statistics show that one out of eight American women gets breast cancer during her lifetime. This type of cancer is the most common in women after lung cancer, and researchers discovered that between 1970-2014, the number of breast cancer cases have increased fourfold. Eating more plant-based foods, keeping a check on your body weight, and performing regular exercises may help you to treat breast cancer.

There is no one magic food which can prevent or treat this disease on its own. The home remedies listed in this article for breast cancer will not treat this condition completely. They can, however, definitely boost your immune system, and even destroy cancerous tissues to some extent. These include:

This spice is known for its anti-cancer properties because it contains phytochemicals and allyl-sulfur compounds. There are studies which show that garlic can inactivate carcinogens and repair DNA so that cancer loses its power to spread further. Garlic can successfully thwart the blood vessel growth inside the tumor. You can either use whole garlic or slice it to get a mild flavor.

Broccoli is another great addition to your diet when you are undergoing treatment for breast cancer. It is a cruciferous vegetable which contains glucosinolates, vitamin C, carotenoids, quercetin, and compounds that help deactivate carcinogens. These antioxidant components can decrease inflammation and boost the immune system.

Grapes are a great source of resveratrol, which is a phytochemical known for its anti-cancer properties. There is proof to suggest that the chemical works as an antioxidant. It can retard cancerous cell growth inside the breast tissue.

Green tea
Green tea contains catechins which have antioxidant effects. It is also said to have anti-cancer properties.

Lignans present in sesame seeds, flaxseeds, broccoli, and kale are phytoestrogens that can reduce cancerous cell development inside the breast tissue.

Whole grains
Whole grains like corn, wheat, millet, quinoa, etc., have fiber, which helps control weight gain. It also helps in lowering risks of any type of cancer, as excess body weight is often one of the factors that heighten the risks of breast cancer.

Soy products have isoflavones which work as tumor suppressors and can slow down the growth of cancerous cells.

Vitamin D
Intake of vitamin D is recommended for lowering breast cancer risks. You can find this vitamin in eggs, milk, cod liver oil, etc.

Regular workouts reduce cancer risks in women, regardless of their weight or age.

Consuming fewer calories
Following a low-calorie diet may be beneficial for slowing down tumor growth. It can also aid breast cancer treatment.

Green vegetables
Green leafy veggies like kale, spinach, mustard greens, and romaine lettuce have carotenoids which work as antioxidants and inhibit abnormal cell growth.

So, while breast cancer cannot be cured by diet and lifestyle changes alone, it can be prevented to a certain extent. Natural remedies can always supplement standard therapy like surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

Cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy can be life-saving, but these have ugly side-effects. When you find it hard to take medicines, you can turn to natural therapies to ease the symptoms. Besides vitamins and herbs, you can opt for massage therapy and acupuncture. These remedies are known as CAM or complementary and alternative medicine.

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