5 natural treatment options for amyloidosis
5 natural treatment options for amyloidosis

5 natural treatment options for amyloidosis

Those suffering from amyloidosis are impacted due to a build-up of excessive the protein amyloid. Amyloidosis can affect any of organ, including the heart, liver, kidneys, and spleen. If not treated immediately, amyloidosis can lead to organ failure.

There is no known cure for this condition, but there are treatment options that control the spread of these abnormal proteins. One of the treatments is the administration of chemotherapy medication. In addition, patients can also use certain methods to naturally treat amyloidosis. Here are five natural ways in which patients can get relief from this disease and control their symptoms:

Follow a light-to-moderate exercise regime
Amyloidosis often takes away the motivation and physical drive required to exercise. Yet, movement is necessary to stay healthy and keep your joints and muscles in good shape. Strenuous gym sessions are never recommended, but you can opt for a light to moderate exercise pattern. Exercises that may help you include yoga, walking, jogging, or even weight training. Tai chi has also been proven to help relax the mind while working out the body.

Practice meditation to de-stress.
Patients suffering from amyloidosis often have a hard time following regular sleep patterns. Body ache may force them to take naps during the day which can leave them wide awake at night. This insomnia can then cause fatigue the following day. This is a vicious cycle indeed. Studies have shown that practicing meditation helps a great deal in fighting insomnia and stress that comes along with amyloidosis.

Ask for prescription diuretics
Amyloidosis often leads to fluid retention and swelling in the extremities. This can cause patients much discomfort. Prescription diuretics are known to be highly effective in dealing with curbing water retention in the body. Do check with your doctor for the diuretic pills that are best suited to your health needs,

Eat a balanced diet
Amyloidosis can upset the digestive tract and often make a patient lose their appetite. Yet, it is crucial to try to get all the required nutrients to keep your immunity levels up. Make sure to consume plenty of fibrous and whole foods, proteins, and carbohydrates. Omega-3 fatty acids found in walnuts and flax seeds are really good for your health. If required, you can ask your doctor for supplements in the form of shakes or smoothies to make up for what your diet lacks. Minimize the intake of coffee and any specific foods that irritate your digestive tract.

Get a foot massage
Patients with amyloidosis often experience severe foot ache that can be treated with a good foot massage. If you cannot get a massage done outside, you may consider purchasing a foot massage machine for use at home. These machines are easily available on many online shopping sites. A foot massage will improve blood circulation and provide instant relief from the foot pain that accompanies amyloidosis.

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