Dietary changes to naturally treat amyloidosis
Dietary changes to naturally treat amyloidosis

Dietary changes to naturally treat amyloidosis

Amyloidosis is a condition in which the protein amyloid is excessively produced and gathers in the organs. Till date, there is no known cure for this condition; there are, however, many ways to successfully manage this condition naturally. Here are some dietary changes you can make to successfully treat amyloidosis the natural way.

Limit salt intake
The heart and the kidneys are two organs that suffer major damage from amyloidosis. With this condition, the heart loses its ability to move and circulate blood efficiently. The kidneys lose their ability to retain sufficient protein. These problems can lead to swelling in the body. This swelling becomes most prominent in the hands and feet. A diet that is heavy in salt can worsen the patient’s health. It is always recommended to follow a diet that is low in salt to minimize the damage from swelling. Apart from adding less salt to your food, you would need to minimize your intake of processed snacks and pickles that are high in salt.

Limit bowel irritants
For those who have bowel problems as part of amyloidosis, doctors recommend limiting the intake of caffeinated beverages like coffee. On the other hand, certain research indicates that tea may have beneficial properties for the digestive tract in people suffering from this condition. Amyloidosis patients also need to minimize intake of spices.

Avoid over-drinking water
While we often focus on the issue of dehydration and drinking less water, only a few realize the opposite problem that may occur when people drink too much water. For patients suffering from amyloidosis, drinking excess quantities of water can worsen any swelling in the hands and feet. In fact, for people suffering from cardiac amyloidosis, the daily intake of water should not exceed one and a half liters at the most.

Add on meal replacements
In many cases, it has been observed that people suffering from amyloidosis lose their appetite. Consequently, they don’t get as much nutrition as they should. In such situations, it is quite hard to expect patients to simply increase their food intake as they may be a swelling in the tongue or simply gastrointestinal problems. One way to overcome the resulting nutritional deficiencies is by getting meal replacements as recommended by your doctor or nutritionist. These will ensure that you get all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay fit and healthy.

Have some dark chocolate
The many health benefits of dark chocolate hold special importance to those suffering from amyloidosis. Dark chocolate has phytochemicals that are full of medicinal properties. The main phytochemicals in dark chocolate are polyphenols, which have been proven in studies to fight the buildup of amyloid plaques. Dark chocolate contains also resveratrol that fights against age-related diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Do remember to eat dark chocolate in moderation and consult your dietician as to how much is good for you.

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