List of foods that help boost mental health and fight depression
List of foods that help boost mental health and fight depression

Depression is a health condition characterized by feeling low and out of control of one’s moods for a long time period. Often, there is no specific cause this can be traced back to, but rather, it is the result of multiple factors at play at the same time.

Depression has serious effects on one’s physical health and mental health. Individuals lose the motivation to indulge in hobbies, are listless throughout the day, and are unable to partake in their routine activities. Aside from medication and therapy, consuming the right food that can help boost mental health and fight depression is recommended.

Foods that help manage the condition
Just as some foods are good for the bones, there are some foods that go a long way in helping boost one’s mental health. Fighting depression is a gradual process, and the nutrients and foods listed below aid in the same.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
    Nuts like walnuts, fish, avocados are examples of food that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and are among the favored foods to fight depression and boost mental health.
  • Antioxidants
    Foods containing antioxidants help to fight the damage caused by free radicals, which in turn fights depression. Such foods are rich in vitamins.
  • Proteins
    To help boost mental health in an individual, proteins should form a necessary part of their diet. Food items like eggs, chicken breast, and yogurt are protein-rich help boost mental health and fight depression in a person.
  • Zinc
    Food containing zinc boosts the immune system of the body and also boosts mental health. Some examples are nuts, beans, and whole grains.
  • Vitamin B
    Foods containing vitamin B aids in fighting depression and reducing mood swings. Some examples of food that are rich in vitamin B are eggs, oysters, fish, and whole grains.
  • Mushrooms
    Research has shown that mushrooms are excellent to boost one’s mental health. They reduce the blood sugar level in the body and have properties similar to probiotics.
  • Selenium
    Research shows that when selenium levels are low in the body, it leads to mood swings and elevates depression. Hence, food containing selenium should be a regular part of the diet. A few examples are seafood, low-fat dairy products, grains, and lean meat.
  • Vitamin D
    Research believes that a low level of vitamin D can be linked to depression. Early morning sunlight is one of the best sources of vitamin D, and one can also ensure the nutrient requirement is met via supplements.
  • Vegetables
    Green leafy vegetables are essential for one to maintain good mental health. Options like spinach and watercress are rich in folate and help fight depression.
  • Dark chocolate
    Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids which aid in mood elevation. Hence this food item helps in boosting mental health and should be included in the diet of individuals suffering from depression.

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