The pros and cons of following a ketogenic diet
The pros and cons of following a ketogenic diet

A keto diet is fundamentally a low-carb diet. The foods permitted in this diet are referred to as keto foods. One needs to eat only 30 grams of carbohydrates every day while following this diet. In doing so, the body is urged to burn down body fat to gather energy. The energy source produced in this process is called ketones. This diet is ideal for someone who intends to lose weight rapidly and concurrently lower glucose levels for diabetes control. The article will give you an insight into the pros and cons of a keto diet.

Pros and cons of keto food
Like any other diet, there are a few pros and cons associated with a keto diet as well.


  • Controls the habit of sugar consumption
    Many individuals have the habit of consuming sugary delicacies in unhealthy quantities. Some also have the problem of sugar addiction. By following and adapting to this diet, it becomes relatively easier to be able to deal with sweet tooth cravings.
  • Loss of weight
    By following a keto diet, there is a reduction in a significant amount of body weight. This is due to the intake of high-fat foods which in turn helps to reduce and ultimately remove the need to snack in between meals. Consequently, there is control in the intake of calories which leads to loss of weight.
  • May increase female fertility
    With the reduction of weight and insulin levels with the help of this diet, fertility problems can be resolved to a certain extent.
  • Health benefits
    This diet has health benefits in certain cases like pediatric epilepsy. Preliminary results of various research show that this diet can help in medical conditions like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.
  • Possibility of slowing various forms of cancer
    There is substantial evidence that following a keto diet helps in the reduction of growth of tumor in the body.


  • Psychological distress
    Psychological distress like binge eating has been observed in some individuals who have followed this diet. This happens as there are restrictions on your food intake in this diet and this can lead to binge eating. Consequently, the individual feels guilty.
  • Adaptation issues
    The initial few weeks from the start of this diet can lead to symptoms like headache and flu. This happens because the body is adjusting to the low-carb diet. Some people also have a high sugar cravings during the adaptation time.
  • Nutrients reduction
    A keto diet with immense restrictions can lead to depletion in the nutrient levels in the body. Symptoms like tiredness occur eventually.
  • Digestive issues
    Due to the absence of fiber in the keto diet, constipation is common among individuals following this diet.

Whenever an individual decides to follow a keto diet, it should be done after an accurate consultation with the doctor. Simultaneously, meet your dietician to have a proper diet plan. After one starts this diet, it is imperative that it is adhered to strictly. This will give the desired effects that one is seeking. Also, the pros and cons of a keto diet should be considered thoughtfully before following it.

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