7 Popular and Effective Treatments to Remove Facial Hair
7 Popular and Effective Treatments to Remove Facial Hair

Any person who looks attractive has a definite edge over people who appear shabby and untidy. A clean skin, devoid of hair, gives people a fresh look. If you are conscious of your facial hair, you can consider various methods to remove it as it will enhance your confidence. Eliminating facial hair makes the texture of your skin smooth, and heightens your appeal as you appear more self-assured.

The removal of unwanted hair from the face is not a pleasant activity. However, nowadays, modern techniques to remove facial hair are available. These techniques make the whole process easy and uncomplicated. You can opt for numerous methods to remove your facial fuzz along the upper lip, cheeks, chin or between your eyebrows.

If you want to explore your options, you can go through some of the most popular and effective treatments to remove facial hair listed below.

Plucking is the most common method that women use to remove facial hair at home. You’ll need tweezers to pluck your hair and this one of the easiest ways to remove stray hair as soon as it becomes visible. Tweezing is best for smaller and localized areas, such as your brows and chin, but it is quite labor intensive and time-consuming. Furthermore, it is essential to wash the tweezers with warm water and soap after every use.

This method can remove facial hair quite easily. You spread soft wax on an area and pull it off with a cloth or paper strips. A trained beauty practitioner can remove hair from your upper lip, cheeks, brows, and chin with ease using this technique.

However, waxing can cause irritation sometimes because some people’s skin may be sensitive to the products applied to it. An incorrect waxing technique may cause imperfect extraction of the hair follicle and lead to the breakage of the hair shaft. Consequently, the skin surrounding the hair shaft can become inflamed, leading to ingrown hair.

Many women opt to remove their facial hair by shaving. This process is beneficial if you have thick or coarse hair. It is best to apply pre-shave oil to avoid razor burn and redness. Additionally, you should choose a razor with at least two blades. It is best to use a hydrating moisturizer on your face after shaving for a soothing feeling and smooth skin.

Threading is one of the most common treatments to remove hair from the face. It involves using a thin, good quality, doubled cotton thread. You should roll this super taut thread over the spots from where you wish to remove hair. It is not as labor intensive as plucking the hair out one at a time. This process is ideal for smaller areas such as the eyebrows or upper lip and cheeks. Ideally, you should get your skin threaded by a trained professional who specializes in this technique.

Depilatory creams
These days, gentle and fragrance-free depilatory creams and gels are widely available in the market. You can apply the creams to specific areas of the face that has unwanted hair, especially on the chin or upper lip. The cream weakens the chemical bond in your hair follicles. Thus, you can wipe the cream away along with the hair. However, it is advisable to conduct a patch test initially to check for allergies. It is one of the quickest and most pain-free treatments to remove hair from the face.

Laser hair removal
Also known as intense pulse light therapy, this is considered as one of the best treatments to remove facial hair. It is becoming very popular nowadays since it can permanently eliminate facial hair.

Laser hair removal provides numerous benefits as compared to temporary hair removal methods. It is a safe, permanent, and secure. A technician will gently apply a numbing cream, making the treatment comfortable and pain-free. There is no risk of infections either. It usually takes seven to eight sessions to get rid of unwanted facial hair. For best results, ensure that a certified aesthetician or a highly skilled technician carries out this process. Make sure that the treatment uses machines that employ the latest technology.

Electrolysis is one of the best options to remove facial hair. However, treatments such as electrolysis and laser usually remove facial hair permanently. In this technique, concentrated heat is employed to destroy each follicle, and thus, it stops facial hair from growing back. This method is perfect for people who want to remove hair permanently, but cannot use laser treatment as their facial hair is light or fuzzy.

Innovative treatments to remove facial hair can make your skin radiant and give it a new look which is clean and striking. Even noted medical practitioners recommend these treatments. However, you need to choose a treatment method depending on your skin and hair type as well as your specific needs.

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